Little Boffin Films* was founded by filmmaker Carl Earl-Ocran. As a producer and director, Carl loves storytelling, collaborating with people and sharing ideas. Being positive, enthusiastic and hardworking, his experience is wide and growing, having worked for several clients and creative agencies, on various formats and varied target audiences. But at the heart of everything he does is a core ethos; producing great looking films that are true to the client’s or subject’s identity and message, creating emotive responses from viewers while having that shareability edge. And being relevant in today’s evolving digital, television and film landscape.

After eight years working on TV formats, producing and directing promos and TVCs, Carl started Little Boffin Films, specialising in brand films and promos. His career began on the prestigious Channel 4 trainee scheme, after graduating with a BSc in Media Technology. His longstanding passion for film and storytelling has been illustrated in his work, having written and produced TVCs for Jessops, and directed branded content documentary films and music promos, which have featured in PromoNews Magazine, Verge Magazine and David Reviews.


*The Little Boffin name actually comes from a nickname Carl's uncle gave him as a child - "Professor". This was down to toddler Carl wearing 1980s NHS glasses  8-)